David Tomaszewski | orelsan ft. gringe
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orelsan ft. gringe


First, the idea was to fulfill Orelsan’s fantasy : playing a Knight of the Zodiac (inspired by the 80’s Manga « Saint Seyia »).
Then, it was just supposed to be about two morons with shiny armors, goofing around in the ruins and dirty streets of Athens.
But once we were in prep, the rappers, their managers and my producers came to me saying : « You can’t do this video and not add all the visual effects magic you can do ».
That’s how I spent 3 weeks handling 200 vfx shots myself, with no sleep. I emptied 142 cans of Red Bull, and lost 10 pounds.
I am never going to do it again that way… But I think the video was worth the suffering. It is my most popular one, with more than 18M hits on youtube.


music video